Machinery & Spare Parts

Machinery & Spare Parts

Our team is well-equipped and experienced to handle any repair or maintenance work related to machinery and spare parts. We provide quality and reliable services to ensure smooth operation of your vessel’s machinery.

Pump & Spares

We provide a wide range of pumps and spares to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our inventory includes various types of pumps such as centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, and screw pumps, as well as spare parts for these pumps. We offer reliable and efficient pumps and spare parts from reputable manufacturers to ensure optimal performance and durability. Our team of experts can also provide technical support and assistance in selecting the right pump and spare parts for your specific needs.

Turbocharger services

Turbocharger services refer to the maintenance and repair of turbochargers in marine engines. Turbochargers are an essential component of marine engines as they help to increase engine efficiency and power. Turbocharger services typically include routine maintenance, cleaning, inspection, repair, and replacement of parts such as bearings, seals, and impellers. Regular maintenance and servicing of turbochargers can help to improve the performance and longevity of marine engines, reducing downtime and overall operating costs.


Hydraulics is a branch of applied science and engineering that deals with the mechanical properties of liquids, particularly water, and the application of these properties to engineering problems. In the context of marine engineering, hydraulics is used in various systems such as steering gear, winches, cranes, and hatch covers, among others. It involves the use of hydraulic fluids, pumps, valves, and other components to create and control mechanical motion and force. Proper maintenance of hydraulic systems is crucial for the safe and efficient operation of vessels.

Pneumatic equipment

Pneumatic equipment refers to machines and devices that are powered by compressed air, such as pneumatic drills, hammers, and wrenches. These tools are often used in industrial settings for tasks such as assembly, cutting, and drilling.

Deeb lifting and inspection

Deep lifting and inspection typically involve using specialized equipment and techniques to lift heavy loads or equipment from the seabed for inspection or repair purposes. This service is often required for offshore oil and gas platforms, underwater pipelines, and other subsea structures. At Atlantis Marine, we offer deep lifting and inspection services using advanced equipment and trained personnel to ensure safety and efficiency. Our services include underwater welding, cutting, and other subsea engineering services to ensure that your offshore operations run smoothly.

ATLANTIS MARINE is a leading ship chandler and maritime services provider that has built a robust network in various ports to offer a blend of dynamic and secure services, trust, professionalism, quality, and competitive prices. Our team is trained in compliance with our management policy, the ISPS code, IMPA, and ISSA quality standards, and is always ready to cater to your specific needs. We welcome your feedback for continuous improvement of our services. Therefore, we are well-equipped to assist all vessels and crew that your esteemed company entrusts to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further assistance.


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